Constellations draw the edges of something - be it an animal, a hero, a mythical figure. But that is all they do. They do not portray the ‘thing’ but just outline it. The thing might exist or not. The thing might be identifiable for some but random to others. At the end of the day… it remains there, pictured in the sky. 

In a world that doesn’t seem recognizable, increasingly digital, increasingly dangerous.. reality is not easily found. There seems to be an outline, an edge, but nothing else. Reality has become a constellation. 

The work exhibited here start a conversation about these topics. They do not show you the painting, or the subject of such painting, but just the edges - as if the thing itself has disappeared. They introduce a space, some perspective, but remain elusive. 

The NFT series goes further. They exhibit a reality in motion, broken, disorganized, self destructive. As if looking at the sky while the constellations come crashing to the ground.

Shanghai, 2019 – Ciudad de Guatemala, 2022