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It features a DB Compare dialog to compare your target database with your source database in a similar manner as Firebird's TOBCompare. In addition, it supports database designer, enabling you to create and manipulate your database layouts and data tables directly from your database compare window. The Table Data Comparer allows you to synchronize table data via components such as lines, records, tables, queries and more. It takes care of the database structure and of the data synchronization itself. DB Connection is a component that links the master database to the target database. It provides common functions of connection, concurrency, sql processing, messages, etc. Also, the DB Connection is fully compatible with Embarcadero IDE. DB Structure is a component that deals with tables, triggers, stored procs and other database objects. You can create and update the structure of your database directly from the compare window. Script Comparer is a component that works with the DB Structure and the Table Data Comparer. You can synchronize the structure and table data using it. You can also extract your database structure. Features : Compatible with Delphi 5-7, C++ Builder 2005-2009, RAD Studio 2005-2009, RAD Studio XE and RAD Studio 10.1 Berlin Compatible with some of the most popular database types (e.g. MS Sql Server 2000, Firebird and MySQL) Compatible with ADO, BDE, InterBase Express, FIBPlus, IBOObject, ZeosLib, MyDAC, ODAC and AnyDAC Clean, clear, programmer-friendly design Instructional tutorials and demonstrations (including introduction, introduction to SQL and Data Comparer, the Structure and the Comparison, data synchronization, the Script Extractor and the Script Executor, various database structures, etc.) Database Comparer VCL Specification License of Database Comparer VCL library As mentioned before, Database Comparer VCL is free for use, public domain and open source. All the source code and intellectual property rights related to this program are given to you on a "No Rights Reserved" basis. Database Comparer VCL How to Install Database Comparer VCL Installation from the Updated packages You can install Database Comparer VCL directly from the updated packages or via an update of your existing installation of the program. Database Comparer VCL Installation from the UNIX-based RPM a5204a7ec7

Database Comparer VCL is an application-independent library that makes it easy to compare databases or update and synchronize them quickly, no matter whether they are compatible or not. With this library you can simply and quickly manage, compare, and synchronize the database structure, data, tables, indexes, stored procedures, triggers, objects, etc. It is easy to use and clear for beginners. The first thing you should know is the fact that this is a cross-platform library. It is compatible with PC and Mac. Moreover, it supports Win32, Linux, and Solaris. Using this Database Comparer VCL you can easily take a backup of any database and generate scripts for backup and for the synchronization. In addition to that, you can take a backup of one database without affecting any of the other databases in the system. The program is compatible with Delphi, C++ Builder, Java, and Visual Foxpro, etc. Another important feature is that this database application is very effective because it is very simple to use, intuitive and really powerful. You can synchronize even databases of the same type, just set up the differences and it will do the rest. Each database component can be run directly or through another component. In addition, you can set up to synchronize not only SQL and DDL but also views.Q: How do you customize the Drupal uploader component? I am using Drupal 6. I am setting up a simple image uploader component on the site. I'm using this tutorial: I have managed to implement the part of the tutorial where you create a new image field, upload test image, etc. Now I want to customize the way the component displays the uploader to the end user. This is what I have in the backend: $form['file_1'] = array( '#title' => t('File'), '#type' =>'managed_file', '#description' => t('This file will be used as a logo'), '#edit-display' => 'default', '#upload-settings' => array( 'theme' => 'image-styles-preview' ), '#upload-validate' => array(), '#prefix' => '

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