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We are a commercial space for the visual arts founded in 1984 by Victor Martinez.

We present exhibitions and carry out investigations of modern and contemporary art with an experimental approach and a total open mindedness to current artistic expressions. We also provide professional advice to public and private collectors that seek to create, modify and / or expand their art collections and investments.

Located in Guatemala City, an area with significant constraints compared to the possibilities of artistic production, we work with emerging and well-established artists from different backgrounds, whose art contributes to the reflection on contemporary society. With no media or technique limitation, we are interested in all expressions in tune with their time that allow a deeper and more conscious understanding of the surrounding reality.

Consultancy and other services

  • Professional advice to collectors who seek to form or expand their art collections and investments

  • Art valuations

  • Artwork certifications

  • Documentation and registration of collections

  • Professional photography of artworks

  • Museography and collection installation

  • Consultancy in art market and trading

Portraits and art projects commissioning

Realization of portraits and projects commissioned by artists of international prestige. Ideal for collectors or companies willing to create a symbolic memory of a person, institutional activity, place or object of sentimental value.


We commission photography, painting and sculpture.

Framing and conservation department

Sol Del Río has an entire department of framing. We preserve artwork against the deterioration caused by the passage of time, maintaining it as unalterable as possible.


As professional framers, we know how to give each work an appropriate treatment and framing, according to each particular situation, to the desired protection level and budget.


We frame original works on paper, engravings, lithographs, collages, photos, documents, certificates, oils and acrylics on canvas, textiles, medals, maps, objects with volume and all kinds of works of monetary or sentimental value.


As professionals, we assume the responsibility to preserve our client’s artworks in an adequate framing that protects them from harmful agents.

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