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the old Al-Andalus, now Andalusia, Spain, 1971.

Lives and works in Spain.


He studies Arts and connects with different artistic, sculptural and pictorial disciplines, however, when he experiences photographic art, he is fascinated by the speed of the process and the magic of the laboratory that becomes his "living space", reviewing the Commissioner Alberto Galán "live, eat and he sleeps in the dark room (laboratory). "

In 1995 he came into contact with the Ufca Photogallery and began to forge a different photographic vision of the Academic in which the instinct of vision versus technique predominated.

His works begin to circulate through artistic circuits and receive the visual support of the most prestigious critics, Juan Manuel Bonet (former director of the Reina Sofía Museum) Rafael Doctor (curator) Carlos Pérez Siquier, Soledad Lorenzo (Gallerist) Alejandro Castellote (former director of Photoespaña)
Ouka Leele (artist) Cristina García Rodero, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, (Photographers) Chema D'Acosta (curator) etc.

His need to discover a bucolic world leads him to develop his work in countries and cultures far removed from his geographical environment.

His images are always forceful and surreal because of his technique, but at the same time his compositions get the disturbing juxtaposition of several stories, which sometimes transcend the border of pure image to become theatrical pieces.

If we look at his works, we close our eyes and let ourselves be carried away by a bucolic dream, in which Alexis Edwards invites us to participate in a kind of "Tale" where he shows us the images and the argument we create ourselves.

Not content to give us that dose of imagination, we activate the five senses to a state of placidity suitable to sit on a sofa in front of a wall with his work hanging and feel as a sense of peace takes hold of us, mixed with a dose of deep joy and vitality in an environment of mythological creatures, animals and human figures full of plasticity and harmony that invites the viewer to close their eyes and immerse themselves in a long dream like a hibernating bear.

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