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Venezuela, 1952

Lives and works in Caracas, Venezuela.


Between 1971 and 72 he studied in the workshop 4-Rojo, Bogota, working with engraving, screen printing, design and photography. In 1972 he settled in London and travelled to Zurich, where he developed his first serie of landscapes in black and white. Between 1974 and 76 he attended the Sir John Cass School of Art, where - guided by Mick Williamson - he prepared his first portfolio. In 1976 he attended a workshop with Charles Harbutt at The Photographers Place in Derbyshire. That same year, he attended a show of The Teddy Boys in London's Hyde Park and started a documentary record of the group. With this portfolio, he entered the London College of Printing to study between 1976 and 1979.

In 1980 he obtained a Master's degree in Arts, major in photography, at Manchester Polytechnic. During that period he produces a serie of architectural views of that city. Between 1979 and 1982 he worked as an assistant of Brian Griffin and together they photographed rock groups such as Iggy Pop, Lene Lovich, Echo and the Bunnymen, Ultravox, Peter Gabriel and Ian Dury.

In the mid-1980s, he experimented an original technique in which he combined flash with natural light in black and white images. With this technique, he made the serie called Encuentros and made nude photography. In 1984 he worked as curator of the International Photography Week-SIF '85, in Guadalajara, Spain.

That year, after travelling to Lisbon, he returned to Caracas after twelve years of absence. In 1986 he curated the show 8 European photographers (Museum of Fine Arts, Caracas) and coordinates the 16th issue of the PhotoVision magazine (Madrid). That same year, together with Ricardo Jiménez, he created the Ricar-2 company, working on fashion photography and portraits for national and foreign publications: Revista Gerente, Business Week, Latin CEO and Global Finance, among others. For Gómez Pérez, the influence of masters like Brian Griffin, Álvarez Bravo, Robert Frank and Man Ray have been of great importance. In 1987, he obtained a scholarship and produced Urban Landscapes of Caracas for the National Council of Culture.

In 1989, he was selected, along with Ricardo Jiménez, by the Polaroid Company of Boston to propose some of his works. In 1994 he began a new series called First Steps, black and white photos of his children with a Diana camera. Gómez Pérez was editorial coordinator of the photography magazine Extracámara (Caracas, 1994-1998). He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Europe and Venezuela.

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