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Guatemala, 1949.

Lives and works in Guatemala.


​He has always been passionate about photography. He has dedicated more than 50 years of his life to photography. Trained in the Guatemalan Photographic Club, he has also been the president of the Club. Since 1992 he has won several awards at the Club, at the Bienal de Arte Paiz, at the Rozas Botrán Foundation and at the Rotary Club Auction. Among his personal and collective exhibitions in Guatemala, we can mention, " El Después de un Ayer ", 1997 "Entrada al Paraíso", 2001, "Otro mundo" 2005, "Alcanjura" 2007, "La Mesa" 2014. Abroad, he exhibited at Canning House, London, 2001, in the Complejo Cultural Santa Cruz, Rio Gallegos, Argentina in 1999, and Arte x Arte in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2006.


As a result of countless explorations through the lens of his camera, he was able to create poetry in one of the least aesthetically exploited places of the country: The South Coast, specifically the villages like El Pumpo, Monterrico and Hawaii. Since the nineties, he has been related to this region and his people.

When he talks about his work, Guillermo states that photography has allowed him to show his conception about specific times, lives, cultures and dreams of the South Coast’s people, turning them into an artistic expression. His images reflect different moods, they express his feelings and his personal life.

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