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Guatemala, 1983.

Lives and works in Guatemala.


Among his personal exhibitions we can mention: "Asilo", Contexto, Guatemala, Ciudad, 2016 and "Rutinas", Sótano 1, Guatemala, Ciudad, 2015.


She has participated in numerous collective exhibitions such as: "Acts of Aggression", Pollock Gallery, Dallas, United States. "The Central Matter", World Bank, Washington, DC. Juannio 2017, Guatemala City. "Femme", Extra Gallery, Guatemala City. "Dependencia / Independencia”, Sol del Río Gallery, Guatemala, City. "Cuando las actitudes se convierten en formas", Sol Del Río Gallery, Guatemala, 2016. "Museo de la Luna", 2016. Concepción 41 / Sótano 1,  Antigua Guatemala, 2014. "La delgada línea”, The 9.99 gallery, Guatemala, City. "Nuevas conexiones", Bavic 9 Biennial of Central American Art, Guatemala, City. "Acumulación en secreto", "19 BAP, Bienal Arte Paiz", Guatemala, City 2013, Sótano 1, Guatemala, City, 2012.


"Through my practice as an educator I have been involved in art. My work is a constant research on education, art and life. In my investigations, I analyse human behaviour, which is often a conflicting matter.

I have dealt with repetitive actions where silence prevails. Inside mutism, the experiences of the past, present and future talk to each other.


​Through actions, video and installations I have addressed the issue of privacy. This has been the starting point to convert an intimate space into a collective one, creating different experiences that move between fiction and reality.


I build situations, games or personal rituals where my body comes into play and I explore the relationship between my being and the environment.


​These processes are linked to a constant exploration and reflection about human condition, and the relationship that we experience with our corporal and emotional dimension.”


Inés Verdugo

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