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Guatemala, 1978.

Lives and works in Guatemala.


His work explores topics such as gender, culture, landscape and identity. His work is a mixture of documentary photography, design and contemporary art. He is a self-taught photographer who has worked using various photography techniques, but who currently specializes in nineteenth-century alternative photography processes.

He has received different training workshops in photography such as "Seeing Through Photographs", photo appreciation course at the MOMA. "El proceso creativo", by Luis González Palma, La Fototeca, 2012. "Idiomas y dialectos", by Alejandro Castellote (Spain), Centro Cultural de España, September 2010. "Arte y fotografía contemporánea",  by Miguel Flores Castellanos, 2009. "Semiótica de la imagen", by María Virginia Véliz, 2009.


Among his personal exhibitions we can mention "Sinergia" at the Ixchel Museum in 2018. "Nosotros", Festival Foto30, Cantón Exposición, Fundación G & T, Guatemala, September 2011. "Lucha diaria", Festival ESFoto 11, Cultural Center of the Mexican Embassy in El Salvador.


His work has been shown in collective exhibitions in the main museums, galleries and art festivals in Guatemala, El Salvador, Puerto Rico, United States, Czech Republic and Japan. Among them, we can mention "Tokyo International Awards" Tokyo 2018, "Juannio", Ixchel  Museum, May 2018, Guatemala. "Guatemala, From 33,000 KM", Museum of Santa Barbara, United States California, 2017. "Arte en Mayo”, Rozas Botrán Gallery, 2017, Guatemala. "Coleccionable", Rozas Botrán Gallery, 2017 Guatemala. "Te amo te odio". Santo Domingo del Cerro, October 2017 Antigua Guatemala. "Enlazando Siglos", Fundación GYT Continental, July, 2016. "El sueño interrumpido", Gallery Fundación G & T, Guatemala, January 2015. "Renaissance of Photography", Getty images Museum, London, September 2014. "Photoannual awards", Czech Republic, June 2014. "Juannio", Museum of Modern Art of Guatemala, Guatemala, June 2014. "XIX Biennial de Arte Paiz", Centro Cultural de España, June 2014. "Geografica", Fototropia, Guatemala, May 2013. "Art 12 ", Sol del Rio Gallery, Guatemala, December 2012."Record # 5", Sol del Rio Gallery, Guatemala, October 2012." Corpus Potens ", Festival Foto30, Die Augen, Guatemala, September 2012."Juannio", Museum of Art Modern of Guatemala, Guatemala, June 2012. "Tribu", Training Center of the Spanish cooperative, Antigua Guatemala, Foto30 September 2010. "Let's look at each other" Carlos Woods (Fundación Margarita Tejada), September 2010. "Adentro", Die Augen Gallery Photo30, collective Apertura, s September 2010. "Open Call", Guatephoto Festival, Museum of Modern Art of Guatemala 2010. Among the awards received we can mention Juannio's 3rd prize, 2012, scholarship from the Photolucida 2013 Foundation, winner of several Guatemalan photography competitions.

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