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Guatemala 1982

Lives and works in Guatemala


Educator and artist. She studied art and design at the Art Institute of Philadelphia and a BA in Art History. She has a degree in Psychopedagogy and Education and has a master's degree in educational history, philosophy and neuroscience. She has specialized in the constructivist approach to education and education through art at the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University, forming part of the Project Zero research programs.


Co-founder and editor (2010 - 2012) of the art and architecture magazine RARA. Since 2009, she has published articles on education, cultural analysis, history and politics in various media, including RARA Magazine, Magazín 21, San Carlos University Magazine, Contrapoder (where she was an art and culture columnist between 2013 and 2015), Gallery G&T, Plaza Pública (columnist since 2018) and Agencia Ocote. She has published two pedagogical guides on the integration of art in the classroom for the development of thinking. Her theoretical work in education focuses on the relationship between epistemology, art and educational practice.


She has been dedicated to the development of teaching methodologies, curriculum design and teacher training since 2010. She has designed artistic mediation programs and guided tours for local and foreign cultural centers and museums. She teaches courses on education, philosophy of knowledge, image theory and research methodology at the university level and she has been in charge of free courses on art and culture. Participates in blind review at the academic level and in international artistic publications. She has been in charge of portfolio viewings, including that of the FotoRio festival (Brazil) and participated in the curation of various exhibitions and artistic projects. His current visual work revolves around reflection on the image, exploring the post-image and post-photography. Throughout his artistic career she has explored watercolor, oil and uncritical, textiles, tailoring, photography and video. She has worked in artistic direction on short films and produced several video clips. Luisa has exhibited in group shows in Guatemala. She held a personal exhibition in Florence, Italy, where she lived for 2 years and participated in various art and design projects.

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