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Argentina 1958

Lives and works in Argentina.


He studied engineering at the National Technological University (Santa Fe Regional). He began taking photographs in 1978. In 1982 he left university studies to devote himself entirely to photography. In 1982 he received a quality improvement scholarship awarded by the National Fund for the Arts. He moved to Buenos Aires and attended a serie of workshops by prestigious argentine and foreign photographers. Between 1982 and 1983, he made a documentary essay at the José T. Borda Neuropsychiatric Hospital and worked in a one-year psychotherapeutic workshop with the patients.

In 1984, he participated in the creation of the Núcleo de Autores Fotográficos group, together with 12 colleagues (Pintor, Grossman, Pérez Aznar, E.Gil ...). They worked for three years generating a space for discussion, criticism and research on photography as a mean of expression. They also had various exhibitions.


He is related to visual artists of other disciplines (L. Maresca, M. Schvartz ...) and participates in the conception and realization of collective projects: La Kermesse, Lavarte, La Conquista, etc. He worked in documentary photography and collaborated with various independent media that are published in Buenos Aires: Imaginary Express, Banana, Alfonsina, El Porteño, El Angel,...


In 1989 he was part of the first promotion of foreign scholars of the International Film and Television School of San Antonio de los Baños, in Cuba. He spent a year and a half in Cuba, making documentaries for 16 mm film and video. He worked in Buenos Aires as a documentary filmmaker and in several feature films as lighting assistant and film photographer.


In 1993 he published Portraits, his first book, with black and white photographs. Afterwards, he began to investigate color, developing the Pop Latin series that he published in 2000, believing that this was the way to fight his melancholic side and take his life from a less dark perspective. The decade of 2000/2010 has been very fruitful for him, receiving awards, making solo and group exhibitions, giving talks and workshops and seeing his work published and entering collections all over the world...

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