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Guatemala, 1943.

​Lives and works in Guatemala City


She began her art studies with Manolo Gallardo, continued at the National School of Visual Arts Rafael Rodríguez Padilla, then went to the workshop of Dagoberto Vásquez and finally took classes with Daniel Schafer (2001-2003). In 2009 she obtained a Master degree in Art Studies, at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala.

​She receives complementary professional training workshops with Santiago Olmo (2013) Moisés Barrios (2012), Dis-Berlin (2012), Lupe Álvarez (2009), Saidel Brito (2009) Ibrahim Miranda (1998), Betzabé Romero (2005) ), Daniel Schafer (2003), and Luis González Palma (1996).


Her work has been exhibited in solo shows at the Carlos Mérida Museum of Modern Art of Guatemala in 2014, 2009, 2008 (invited for the II Salón de Grabado) and in 1991, in the Museo del Barro in Asunción Paraguay (2012), Museum of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala-Musac (2004), Museo Ixchel del Traje Indígena, Guatemala (1989 and 1987), Rafael Landívar University (2000), Guatemala and Instituto Guatemalteco Americano-IGA (1964), in the Galería  Sol del Río (2012) and El Attico Gallery, Guatemala (1998).


She has participated in more than 80 collective exhibitions in Guatemala. Among them, we can find “Arte y Mujer en la curvature del tiempo”, at the Archeology and Ethnography Museum (2012), “Mirar la ciudad”, Rafael Landívar University (2011), III Salon del grabado, at the Archeology and Ethnography Museum (2011), “Después de Gutemberg”, Centro Cultural de España (2009), “Memoria Precibida”, Carlos Mérida Museum of Modern Art of Guatemala (2009).  Abroad, the most recent exhibition was SeAlquila, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (2014), “About change” organized in Washington by the World Bank for Latin American and Caribbean artists, World Bank Building, Washington DC (2012), “Ojo Salvaje”, Barro Museum, Asunción Paraguay (2012), Juan Santa María Museum, Alajuela Costa Rica (2012). She was selected among artists from different disciplines to participate in the exhibition "What's on your mind ?” an exhibition of art and technology organized by the World Bank in Washington DC (2011), “Dinacero”, Casa de Goya Fuendetodos, Zaragoza, Spain (2008, Expo1, Japan (2001)), as well as the VI Iberoamerican Biennial of Art, Domecq Cultural Institute , in Mexico City (1988).


1 Painter, Guatemala (1936- )

2 Painter, sculptor and engraver, Guatemala (1923-1999)

3 Teacher and Graphic Designer, Guatemala (1937-2005)

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